Join us in our mission for a cleaner planet.

We firmly believe that the true sustainability of a product cannot be solely assessed by its production conditions. The durability of the product is equally as important. Hence, we have established stringent quality standards, working exclusively with durable and authentic materials that ensure long-lasting satisfaction.

Environmental friendly! Our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact are evident in our practices. These include the judicious use of energy and raw materials, as well as strict adherence to state-approved and controlled areas for our tanneries. We also carefully manage water quantities and ensure that waste water is treated according to regulations. Lastly, we closely monitor and control the import and export of materials. We work closely with tanneries to constantly refine our recipes and offer extensive assistance in elevating their social and ecological standards. A considerable amount of our leather is obtained from tanneries that are part of the Leather Working Group and have been recognized as 'Gold Members' for meeting strict criteria.

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