Vill Okse Leather Goods and Accessories

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Mama's Luxury Club Collection

Preppy, charming and loaded with originality the distinctive tartlets in Mama's Luxury Club take you back to good times in Mom's kitchen.

Vill Okse Leather goods and accessories

The Gentleman Club Collection

Casual with jacket and suit trousers or relaxed with jeans and T-shirt, with the Gentlemen Club you decide! Create your personal etiquette according to your own rules!

Vill Okse leather goods and accessories

The Workmates Collection

Thanks to clever compartments and practical functions our Workmates are reliable colleagues in the daily working jungle going perfectly well with coat and tie or jeans and T-shirt.


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Luxury is all within.

VILL OKSE ® is a family business based in India and Australia that discovered a passion for leather bags. Since 2016, we have enthusiastically developed and created new designs; improved the old and combined tradition and zeitgeist – always with the aim to make you happy. We have been making premium leather goods since 2016 and have been striving to further our innovations and expertise to give the consumers what they want and desire.

Vill Okse leather goods and accessories
Vill Okse Leather Goods and Accessories
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