Our leathers are free of CFC, PCB, PCP, formaldehyde and are dyed with colours that comply with the AZO and other European regulations. The major part of the leathers we use is being pre-tanned with trivalent chromium salts, which are harmless to health, during the first tanning stage. With the re-tanning the chrome content is being extracted out of the leather to a high percentage again and replaced by vegetal tanning agents, like e.g. bark.​Chrome tanning enables the production of especially soft leathers and increases the durability. Only by means of extreme heat or mistakes during the tanning trivalent chromium compounds might turn to the unhealthy chromium VI. Combining the chrome tanning with the vegetal tanning reduces the possibility of chromium VI creation immensely. For guaranteeing our leather to be free from hazardous substances they are regularly controlled by globally recognised laboratories.

When Leather gets wet

Dry it slowly under a fan and at room temperature. Do not take the easy way out and use a blow dryer or any other device which quickens the process. It would change the properties of the leather used for your product.

When Leather gets dry

Take a soft cloth and apply a leather cream on it. From there on, rub the soft cloth in a uniform motion across the patch of leather. Make sure the cloth is clean.

When Leather gets dirty

Use a mild damp cloth. For tough stains, we would advise solutions or treatments specifically designed to remove stains and not the leather’s dye

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